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Leadership and Staff

Elaine Lissner

img--ElaineLissner_bioElaine Lissner is director of Parsemus Foundation, a California-based foundation established in 2005 and focused on nonsurgical animal sterilization, breast cancer research, and development of new contraceptives. The foundation's largest project is bringing VasalgelTM long-acting, non-hormonal male contraceptive to market.

Parsemus Foundation is focused on raising the level of evidence on calcium chloride nonsurgical male dog and cat sterilization, to a point where it is sufficient to provide dog and cat population management stakeholders enough published information to make an informed decision on best practices and potential risks, in addition to the sterilant's potential. The foundation both supports researchers working in these areas and conducts research itself when needed, to date having helped the team in India raise awareness of their pivotal work and move results into publication (Jana/Samanta), as well as funding independent confirmatory trials in Italy (Leoci et al.) and conducting pilot research in goats.

Ms. Lissner’s background is in human male contraceptive development advocacy, as director of the Male Contraception Information Project in the early 1990’s and from 2001 to the present. Her publications include “Frontiers in Nonhormonal Male Contraception: A Call for Research” in Issues in Reproductive Technology: An Anthology, and the foundation's work has been featured in WIRED, BBC News, Scientific American, and The Wall Street Journal.