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Think Tanks

“The Think Tank experience was one of the best 2 days I have ever spent in my professional career!”

- Dr. Sheilah Robertson, participant in May 2013 Think Tank on Marking dogs and cats. (Associate Professor, Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine; former Assistant Director, Animal Welfare Division, American Veterinary Medical Association)

ACC&D’s Think Tanks convene experts from diverse backgrounds to focus on topics that advance our mission. Attendees have included veterinarians, animal welfare experts, ecologists, epidemiologists, animal behaviorists, wildlife biologists, immunologists, and reproductive biologists, plus many others. Think Tanks truly are a microcosm of ACC&D and the field of non-surgical fertility control: they are strengthened by multidisciplinary collaboration and expertise!

To date, three Think Tanks have brought together experts to further develop specific non-surgical sterilization approaches. Two have focused on areas that can greatly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of non-surgical technologies. Our Think Tanks on marking methods and population dynamics modeling served as the foundation for innovative and long-term projects, or ACC&D “Flagship Initiatives.”

Want to learn more about a specific Think Tank, view the outcome report, or see who attended? You can access all of this information by clicking on the individual Think Tank titles, below.

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