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ACC&D Product Profile and Position Papers

ACC&D is working to build a library of Product Profile and Position Papers (4Ps) on contraceptive and sterilant technologies. Please note that most approaches do not meet our priorities of being demonstrated to be safe, effective, and permanent in one treatment. However, because these products were or are available, we often receive questions about them, and we hope the information in these documents will help those who are considering these products make the best decision for the animals in their care. Don't be a stranger to this page, as we'll be adding products to this section routinely.

Dogspiral Product Profile and Position Paper

Dogspiral 4P coverDogspiral is an intrauterine device (IUD). It was developed by two veterinarians in Bosnia as a less invasive alternative to sterilization for female dogs. It became commercially available for dogs worldwide in 2014 via sales over the Internet. Data on the safety and efficacy of the Dogspiral IUD is extremely limited; data on other intrauterine devices and expert input raise concerns about Dogspiral safety and ease of use. 

FeralStat™ Product Profile and Position Paper

PPPPFeralStatcoverFeralStat™ was an oral contraceptive, consisting of low-dose megestrol acetate, which was prescribed for management of feral cat colony populations by a private veterinarian in the U.S. state of Connecticut. It is no longer on the market. However, the active ingredient, megestrol acetate, can still be purchased in generic and name-brand forms for contraception of cats and dogs; we therefore include this document for those considering using low-dose megestrol acetate. As with our Megestrol Acetate 4P, please note that this 4P is in the process of being updated to incorporate recent research findings on this oral contraceptive.

GonaCon™ Formulations Product Profile and Position Paper

PPPPGonaConcoverGnRH-hemocyanin conjugate immunocontraceptive vaccine formulations have been shown to prevent reproduction in multiple mammalian species for extended periods. GonaCon™ and GonaCon-Equine™ are registered with the U.S. EPA for female white-tailed deer and wild/feral horses and burros, respectively. A study indicating that a GnRH-hemocyanin conjugate immunocontraceptive vaccine had potential for multi-year contraception in cats prompted additional studies including this one sponsored by ACC&D. Work to develop an effective, safe formulation for free-roaming dogs is ongoing.

Megestrol Acetate Product Profile and Position Paper

PPPPMAcoverMegestrol acetate is used as an oral contraceptive in female dogs and cats. Megestrol acetate is available in a number of countries under different brand names and in some places as a generic. For a period of time in the U.S., a low-dose version of Megestrol acetate was marketed as FeralStat for contraception of feral cats (see below for details). Please note that this 4P is in the process of being updated to incorporate recent research findings on this oral contraceptive.

Suprelorin® Product Profile and Position Paper

Suprelorin cover 2Suprelorin® is a subcutaneous implant which contains the active ingredient deslorelin acetate, a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist that causes infertility by down-regulating pituitary receptors for GnRH, suppressing gonadotropins as well as testosterone. It is manufactured in two versions, both for male dogs, which induce infertility for a minimum of 6 months or 12 months. Suprelorin is available in the European Union, Australia and New Zealand for use in dogs.

Zeuterin Product Profile and Position Paper

Image of PPPP Zeuterin cover pageZeuterin® (marketed as Esterisol® in some countries) is a non-surgical sterilant for male dogs delivered via intratesticular injection. The Active ingredient is zinc gluconate neutralized with arginine. The formulation causes permanent sterility in one treatment. The process of neutering with Zeuterin/ EsteriSol is also known as "zinc neutering." Notice: Zeuterin was commercially launched in the U.S. in 2014, following approval and use in several other countries by the name EsterilSol. The product, which was manufactured by Ark Sciences, is not currently being produced or distributed in any country due to the manufacturer’s financial challenges. While there is presently no indication of returning to the market, the formulation retains approval by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).