Empowering a
Positive Change

Our Mission

To advance non-surgical sterilants and contraceptives for cats and dogs and to promote their global accessibility. 

Our Vision

We envision a world in which dog and cat populations are effectively and humanely managed, improving the lives of dogs and cats and the people who care about them.

Our Values

Leadership – We advocate for research on and implementation of non-surgical options.

Science – We base our work and communications in sound science.

Partnership – We convene stakeholders and create networks for the good of the cause.

Integrity – We act with integrity and transparency in all processes and relationships.

Innovation in Animal Welfare – We are a catalyst for innovation that saves animals’ lives.

Our Priorities

ACC&D's priorities for non-surgical products for pet population control:

  • Approved by regulatory agencies as safe (for animals and for the humans
    administering) and effective.
  • Permanent, though there may be some opportunity for long-term (3+ years) products.
  • Deliverable in a single injection or treatment.
  • Products available for effective use in both male and female, dogs and cats.
  • Documented effects on behavior and health.
  • Can be provided at affordable rates for use in indigent or low-income client populations.

Statement on Racial Injustice 

The Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs (ACC&D) decries racism and stands in solidarity with the Black community, non-Black people of color, and those who speak up against racism and injustice. We believe that all sectors should be speaking against racism and a structurally unequal society. Moreover, the animal welfare field, of which ACC&D is fully a part, is committed to a humane community. A humane community is a just community—for animals, and for people. Racism has no place in the community for which we strive. 

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