Leadership & Staff

Beaux Berkeley, MS, PhD

Beaux Berkeley 2020 picDr. Beaux Berkeley is the director of a consulting business that provides creative solutions to human-wildlife conflicts. Her clients range from the Humane Society of the United States to the US Army Research Office to international wildlife conservation organizations.  

Dr. Berkeley started caring for wildlife while an undergraduate student in biology at Hiram College (Ohio). For her M.S. research in the department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at the Ohio State University, she developed a non-invasive pregnancy test for black rhinos using their feces. This project was co-supervised by Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick, a pioneer in wildlife contraception. Dr. Berkeley continued to work with Jay for many years, making and administering the PZP vaccine for wild horses, deer, prairie dogs and other wildlife.  

Dr. Berkeley’s PhD dissertation research at Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) examined the influence of nutrition and other environmental factors on African rhinoceros reproduction leading to new tools for effective population management.  

Over the past several years, Dr. Berkeley has focused mainly on African elephant conservation. As an affiliate scientist with the Rory Hensman Conservation Research Unit in Limpopo, South Africa, she examines the effect of nutrition on elephant physiology in order to improve elephant welfare in managed environments.