Leadership and Staff

Linda Brent, PhD, MBA


Linda Brent brought her experience in management, animal welfare and research to serve as Executive Director for Parsemus Foundation (parsemus.org), which funds innovative and neglected medical advancements, and has an associated role with its subsidiary Revolution Contraceptives. She has overseen research projects focused on male contraception, nonsurgical pet sterilization, benign prostatic hyperplasia and breast cancer. Prior to working with Elaine Lissner at Parsemus Foundation, Dr. Brent founded Chimp Haven, Inc. (chimphaven.org) – a sanctuary for chimpanzees retired from medical research – and served as its President and Director from 2002-2012. She previously served as the director of the environmental enrichment program and conducted independent behavioral research with nonhuman primates at a national primate research laboratory. She has numerous peer reviewed publications and has served as the PI for a number of government grants and contracts. Dr. Brent is a recipient of the 2012 USDA President’s Award and the 2015 Chimpanzee Welfare Award. She and her husband share their home with two beloved dogs, and she raises goats, Juliana pigs, Bielefelder chickens and Bourbon Red turkeys.