Leadership and Staff

Marie-Paul Lachaud, DVM

img--MariePaulLauchaud-bioSince 2013, Dr. Marie-Paul Lachaud has served as Head of Program Management Europe at Aratana Therapeutics. Her responsibilities include coordinating the process leading to regulatory approval by the European Medicines Agency for Aratana’s products targeted at unmet medical needs in cats and dogs, most recently GALLIPRANT®. 

Since 2009, Dr. Lachaud has also provided services to the veterinary pharmaceutical industry as an experienced consultant, with a specific focus on international drug clinical development and registration of animal drugs.

From 2000 to 2008, Dr. Lachaud was the European animal health director at ICON Clinical Research in Paris, France. In 1990, she co-founded PROTOCOLE, the first European veterinary consultancy and contract research organization focused on drug clinical development and regulatory affairs, which was acquired by ICON in 2000. 

Dr. Lachaud has been involved in transitioning human drugs to meet unmet needs in veterinary medicine for years. Her work has resulted in significant animal health product approvals in Europe and the United-States for companion animals in a number of innovative therapeutic areas, including reproduction, chronic heart failure, chronic kidney disease, pain management, obesity, inappetence, oncology and neurobehavioral disorders. 

She received her veterinary degree from Alfort National Veterinary School in Paris and her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Paris, France.