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ACC&D was founded on a vision—a vision that today is becoming reality.

We are committed to reducing populations of homeless and unwanted cats and dogs. We are steadfast supporters of traditional surgical spaying and neutering. We recognize, though, that this approach cannot fully stem the numbers of unwanted litters of cats and dogs born each year—and as a result these animals face the threat of homelessness, abuse, or death.

Some communities do not have the necessary resources for safe animal sterilization surgery. They may lack skilled veterinary surgeons, surgical supplies (such as sterile equipment, gas anesthesia, and pain medications), and recovery space. Some animals cannot safely receive anesthesia, whether due to congenital conditions or the poor health that often comes from living on the street. Some pet owners and communities resist surgical sterilization due to fear or social and cultural expectations, and many struggle to pay for the procedure. Many animal shelters seek ways to more effectively use scant resources.

Across the globe, there is a tremendous need for new methods of sterilization that are faster, easier, and less expensive than surgery. Non-surgical fertility control can address this need.

Whether an injection, a contraceptive implant, or an oral medication, non-surgical technologies are now available in multiple countries. In reality, though, these just mark the beginning of a movement to expand options to prevent unwanted litters improve animal health and welfare, and create healthier, more humane communities.

ACC&D is committed to advancing this field by providing scientific and education resources, promoting collaboration, and ensuring that products are available to the people and communities who need them most.

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