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New review article on Suprelorin® in male dogs

by Joyce Briggs | Sep 02, 2020

Suprelorin® (a subcutaneous implant for temporary suppression of reproduction) has been approved for male dogs in Australia, New Zealand, and the EU for well over a decade. It received regulatory approval in China and Mexico in 2019, with launches in 2020. As Suprelorin becomes more widely available, and as part of our commitment to providing information on non-surgical methods based on sound science, we are pleased to share that we recently published a paper that reviews this and another  gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist. This new paper sheds light on these products’ mode of action, efficacy, safety, and uses – an up to date reference for veterinarians and dog owners looking for fertility control options. Read it here.

To learn more about how GnRH agonists work, visit our webpage on this method.