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Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is being researched as an intratesticular injectable sterilant for male dogs and cats. While research on this chemical sterilant goes back to the 1970s, a majority of peer-reviewed and published data emerged in the past decade. Recent research, field studies, and advocacy of calcium chloride as a sterilant can be credited largely to the Parsemus Foundation, SpayFIRST!, and Calcium Chloride Castration.

Controlled and field studies have taken place in the U.S., Italy, and India to gather more information on calcium chloride as a non-surgical sterilization option for male dogs and cats. The calcium chloride-based compound used for sterilization is not presently approved by any regulatory agency, and it is created through compounding ingredients.  ACC&D believes that the current use of calcium chloride as an injectable sterilant should be considered experimental and that it should only be used, if it all, under closely monitored conditions.

In October 2014, two peer-reviewed research papers on calcium chloride were published in the open-access journal Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica. "Alcohol diluent provides the optimal formulation for calcium chloride non-surgical sterilization in dogs" can be accessed here; "A dose-finding, long-term study on the use of calcium chloride in saline solution as a method of nonsurgical sterilization in dogs" can be accessed here. Comprehensive reviews and information on calcium chloride can be accessed below.

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5th International Symposium (2013) presentations

Calcium Chloride in male dogs and cats * Elaine Lissner
PowerPoint Slides       Abstract       Presentation with Audio 
Could your organization use Calcium Chloride? Nuts and Bolts * Elaine Lissner
PowerPoint Slides       Abstract       Presentation with Video (begins at 37:53)
Clinical evaluation of efficacy and safety of Calcium Chloride associated with ethyl alcohol and lidocaine for non-surgical sterilization of sexually mature canine and feline adults * Dr. Kuladip Jana
PowerPoint Slides        Abstract       Presentation with Audio      Session Q&A with Audio
Intratesticular injection of a calcium chloride tincture in the dog * Dr. Raffaella Leoci

4th International Symposium (2010) presentations

History of Calcium Chloride injectable sterilization in male dogs and first report of use in cats * Dr. Kuladip Jana
Poster       Abstract
Pilot Study: Intratesticular Injection Induces Sterility in Male Cats * Dr. Alper Baran
Poster       Abstract

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