Prizes for Pioneers.

Posters and Signs

Spiffy signage and slogans have tremendous capacity to educate, engage, and encourage zinc neutering as a way to sterilize a dog without surgery. Below you can view some of the many signs and posters that organizations and veterinary practices have created to spread the word to potential clients and volunteers. (Click on any image to view a larger size.)

Educating and Advertising

Image credits: Animal Balance, Animal Care Foundation, Humane Society of Tampa Bay, People Assisting Animal Control, Wellness on Wheelz 

img--Zuperman            img--ZMASH

img--PAAC2            img--PAAC

img--Balls           img--HSTB

img--ACF_ad     img--ACF_ad_spanish    


Creative Slogans

Credits: Wellness on Wheelz (L), Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando (R)

img--WOW      img--PAGO   

Creative/targeted placement

Credit: SULA Foundation. Neighborhood billboards (L), Door hanger (R) 

    img--Sula billboards       img--Sula_door


Calls for volunteers and notification of training opportunities

Credits: Animal Balance (L), Animal Care Foundation (R)


img--AB_training          img--ACF_volunteer