Prizes for Pioneers

Notice: Zeuterin was commercially launched in the U.S. in 2014, following approval and use in several other countries by the name EsterilSol. The product, which was manufactured by Ark Sciences, is not currently being produced or distributed in any country due to the manufacturer’s financial challenges. While there is presently no indication of returning to the market, the formulation retains approval by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). 

How can Zeuterin™ save more animals' lives?

Zeuterin "pioneers" share their most creative and effective implementation strategies.


ACC&D wanted to learn how organizations have incorporated Zeuterin to neuter more dogs, use spay/neuter resources more efficiently, and reach targeted populations of animals (and their people!)--all with the goal of reducing numbers of homeless and unwanted animals. In conjunction with World Spay Day 2014, we held a “Prizes for Pioneers” contest to encourage organizations and veterinarians to share their best ideas--and win up to a $4,000 spay/neuter grant (surgical or non-surgical, female or male, dogs or cats) as an award. We were thrilled with the response and excited to see creative ways of using this new tool in the spay/neuter toolbox.

Keep on reading for profiles of contest winners. Then scroll some more to find resources on strategies, organized by topic, that Zeuterin "pioneers" implemented to educate clientele, advertise Zeuterin clinics and availability, and best use Zeuterin to maximize the efficacy of spay/neuter programs. These “best practices” could also be applied other, future non-surgical fertility control options.

Many thanks to the sponsors who made this contest possible!



Winning Submissions

Meet the winners of ACC&D's 2014 "Prizes for Pioneers" Contest, read about the important work they do, and learn about their strategies for marketing and implementing Zeuterin™.

Animal Balance
zmash Oahu Flier crop
An innovative collaboration brings the new Z*M*A*S*H model to Oahu, expands low-cost neuter options for the island's dogs.
Animal Care Foundation
Multimedia publicity approach attracts hundreds of dogs from targeted populations to "Zeuterathons."
Loving All Animals
Building partnerships in California's Coachella Valley to make neutering more affordable and acceptable.
Targeted outreach about Zeuterin and rabies vaccination yields 108 zinc neuters in one day.
PAW Team
Using Zeuterin to more effectively and efficiently neuter dogs of Portland's homeless residents and transient populations.
The Sula Foundation
A community-focused initiative to enhance responsible pit bull terrier ownership in New Orleans. 
Wellness on Wheelz
Bringing Zeuterin and preventive veterinary care on the road to the animals of south Texas.


Implementation Resources by Topic

Great ideas from the 2014 "Prizes for Pioneers" contest participants on Zeuterin education, outreach, marketing, and implementation. 

Outreach Strategies
View the ways in which different organizations and practices are educating about and promoting Zeuterin.
Targeted Outreach
Learn about organizations' targeted outreach efforts to draw in more Zeuterin clients.
Effective Collaborations
There's strength in numbers! Learn about community collaborations and initiatives to neuter more animals.
Social Media
Social media -- it's free, and it's effective!
Posters and Signs
View the posters, signs, and spiffy slogans being used to educate, engage, and encourage zinc neutering.
Media Engagement
Learn how local media has added value to organizations' fertility control work.