Prizes for Pioneers.

Loving All Animals

Palm Desert, California      

About Loving All Animals

Loving All Animals was founded to “bring together local and national animal welfare organizations to work together for the benefit of animals.” To achieve this lifesaving mission and transform California's Coachella Valley into a "no-kill" community, the organization publicizes information about animals available for adoption, organizes and sponsors public events where shelter animals can be adopted, organizes special events to raise money to assist local animal groups, educates the public on the need for responsible pet parenting, and encourages spay/neuter. 

Zeuterin™ implementation

img--LAALoving All Animals has collaborated with the Coachella Animal Network, animal advocate Kim Hardee, and other local organizations to organize spay/neuter and Zeuterin clinics in southern California’s Coachella Valley. The clinics include low-cost vaccination and microchipping, and they combine mobile clinics for spay/neuter surgeries with a mobile animal sterilization hospital (MASH)-style clinic using Zeuterin. This collaborative effort offers, on average, monthly clinics that serve economically disadvantaged families. Pet owners are asked for a $25 donation per pet for sterilization, but no one is turned away for inability to pay. (The organization fundraises to cover the balance of costs for the mobile unit, veterinarians, Zeuterin, and medical supplies.) 

Loving All Animals relies heavily on grassroots outreach to promote Zeuterin and reports that “word of mouth is a powerful tool.” The organization has promoted the benefits of spay/neuter generally and of Zeuterin specifically through flyers, presentations at local elementary and middle schools, meetings with local city governments and elected officials, social media postings on Facebook and Twitter, interviews on local news and radio stations, and public service announcements on Spanish-language radio stations.

Loving All Animals maintains two appointment phone lines, one in English and one in Spanish, on which pet owners can leave a message indicating their desire to sterilize their animal. In this way, Loving All Animals is able to set up appointments and order an appropriate amount of Zeuterin, reducing the likelihood of wasting product. The Riverside County Department of Animal Services is present at each clinic so as to provide pet owners the opportunity to easily obtain pet licenses, correct citations, register pets, and ask questions about ownership laws.


img-LAA2Since July 2013, over 500 dogs have been zinc neutered at the Coachella Valley community clinics, and over 1,006 total animals sterilized (an average of 105 per clinic). Loving All Animals reports that “Incorporating Zeuterin in our clinics lowers sterilization costs, increases the number of sterilized male dogs per clinic, offers faster recovery time and in some cases for Hispanic families with male dogs it is culturally important to keep an intact appearance.” The organization adds, “From our activities in the past year, we now have our local community ask when the next Zeuterin clinics will occur. Our community embraces the use of Zeuterin for their family pets as it is non-surgical and offers a faster recovery time. We continually fill up our clinics a month or two in advance.”

How Loving All Animals applied the prize

As a winner of the “Prizes for Pioneers” contest, Loving All Animals received a grant in the amount of $2,000 from the Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs to put towards spaying and neutering more dogs and cats, either surgically or non-surgically. 

Loving All Animals used their grant to cover the costs associated with Zeutering 80 male dogs. The costs included the price of the product and accompanying drugs and medicines, as well as payment to the medical team performing the procedure.