Prizes for Pioneers.

Outreach Strategies

Contest participants report educating on the importance of spay/neuter, and specifically the option of Zeuterin for male dogs, through many different channels. The most successful “pioneers” have employed creative and diverse outreach strategies to reach not only pet owners and potential clients, but also the veterinarians, community leaders, local and elected officials whose knowledge and support of new sterilization “tools” can be of vital importance. 

  • Conversations with community members
  • Distributing flyers and door hangers (with input from local community leaders to ensure culturally appropriate messaging)
  • Posting on notice boards
  • Publishing press releases 
  • Meeting with local city governments and elected officials (important for ensuring that local licensing and spay/neuter regulations allow for non-surgical sterilization – learn more here)
  • Meeting with state veterinary officials
  • Presentations on spay/neuter and responsible pet ownership to elementary and middle school students 
  • Social media postings
  • Interviews and PSAs on local news and radio stations
  • Including Zeuterin information in veterinary clinic “puppy packets”
  • Including Zeuterin in reduced-cost veterinary service packages
  • Websites 
In addition to these important channels for outreach and education that reach broad communities, contest participants also shared strategies and best practices for outreach to targeted populations. You can learn more about these here