Prizes for Pioneers

People Assisting Animal Control (P.A.A.C.)

Corpus Christi, Texas     


About PAAC

People Assisting Animal Control (P.A.A.C.) seeks to “decrease euthanasia of healthy adoptable animals, raise funds to support animal control facilities and educate the public on proper animal responsibility.” Through its new high-volume spay and neuter clinic, the Corpus Christi, Texas nonprofit can perform over 10,000 spays and neuters per year.

Zeuterin™ implementation

img--PAAC2On multiple occasions, P.A.A.C. has partnered with The Shot Spot (now Wellness on Wheelz) to offer no-cost zinc neutering (and rabies vaccinations) for dogs in southern Texas. In July 2014, the organization took the additional initiative of visiting targeted neighborhoods and distributing flyers advertising the Zeuterin clinic, plus educating about the Texas requirement that all dogs are vaccinated against rabies. P.A.A.C. additionally went on morning television shows and advertised the clinic on social media. The organization also demonstrates that it’s possible to convince owners to sterilize animals even if they aren’t seeking this service: “While customers were in line [at the July event],” the organization writes, “we were able to not only talk many of them into zeuters that had come for the free rabies vaccination, but also get low cost spays and neuters scheduled for others.” Two grants made it possible for P.A.A.C to offer Zeuterin for free at this July event without assuming a large financial burden.


img--PAACThe Zeutering event had a tremendous turnout. “It was a huge event and was extremely successful,” the organization writes; “The line was over 300 feet long…we were there from 9:00am until 9:30pm that night. We had tents put up and had kiddie pools for the dogs.” In total, 108 dogs were zinc neutered in one day. P.A.A.C. President Cheryl Martinez adds, “We have seen such a need for this since so many of the pet owners in the target areas do not want their males neutered. The main animals dying in our community due to euthanasia are Chihuahuas, lab mixes, and pitbulls. We were happy to see so many at our event.”

How P.A.A.C. applied the prize

As a winner of the “Prizes for Pioneers” contest, P.A.A.C. received a grant in the amount of $4,000 from the Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs to put towards spaying and neutering more dogs and cats, either surgically or non-surgically. 

P.A.A.C. used their grant money to Zeuter 147 dogs in underserved neighborhoods in Corpus Christi, Texas. Such success was accomplished through outreach efforts in conjunction with local animal control, including the distribution of fliers and the engagement of pet owners in conversation about Zeuterin. P.A.A.C. discovered that once myths were dispelled and questions answered, most pet owners were amenable to the procedure.