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The Sula Foundation

New Orleans, Louisiana


About The Sula Foundation

The Sula Foundation is dedicated to fostering responsible pit bull ownership through low-cost veterinary clinics, free spay/neuter, education, adoption, and advocacy. Sponsorship of img--Sula_doorclinics over several years has taught The Sula Foundation that participation is optimized by making services accessible and by advertising clinics in target neighborhoods via such methods as word of mouth, door-to-door canvassing, and door hangers.

Zeuterin™ implementation.

The Sula Foundation helped bring Zeuterin to "NOLA" when it sponsored a zinc neutering training and certification for six area veterinarians. The organization invited local media to observe the procedure, which resulting in multiple news stories; it also posted videos of zinc neutering and interviews with clients on its YouTube channel. The Sula Foundation has since incorporated Zeuterin into low-cost clinics and plans future stand-alone "Zeuter" events. To date, The Sula Foundation has charged $5 for vaccines and $35 for Zeuterin, waiving the fee when necessary; it hopes to offer zinc neutering at no cost in the future. It also provides vouchers for free surgical sterilization at veterinary partners.

On October 12, 2014, The Sula Foundation partnered with the nonprofit organization StubbyDog to hold a “Stay Healthy Together” clinic for dogs and their owners. It took place in conjunction with a farmer’s market in the economically disadvantaged Hollygrove neighborhood. This event included low-cost vaccines, free spay/neuter, and human health screenings and resources—a combination of services that speak to the organization’s broad vision for community well-being. In addition to the previously described publicity measures, this clinic was advertised via eye-catching billboards (such as the one to the left) in strategic areas of target communities.


The Sula Foundation has found that “Zeuterin appeals completely to those people who would otherwise keep their male dog intact rather than submit to surgery.” In doing so The Sula Foundation is able to reach a population of owners who would not have their dogs surgically neutered—something that’s important not only for preventing unwanted litters, but also for helping people in their efforts to be responsible owners of pit bull terrier-type dogs.