Prizes for Pioneers.

Wellness on Wheelz     

McAllen, Texas


About Wellness on Wheelz

img--WOW_unitWellness on Wheelz, formerly The Shot Spot, is a mobile veterinary clinic serving south Texas. Its goal is “to promote healthier animals through disease prevention, and to increase owner knowledge and awareness of not only their animals but the community animals as well.” The clinic offers Zeuterin, vaccinations, and heartworm testing, among other services. It travels to communities where pet owners might otherwise drive up to 100 miles to find a veterinarian, circling back to each community on a three-week cycle to maintain a puppy vaccination schedule. Clinics are held in locations such as shelter and store parking lots, parks, schools, animal care services facilities, and community centers.

Zeuterin™ implementation

Wellness on Wheelz has incorporated Zeuterin into well-pet veterinary services. When clients bring img--WOWanimals for vaccines or heartworm tests, they are counseled about Zeuterin as an option for sterilizing male dogs. An advertisement for Zeuterin is also posted on the outside of the practice's mobile unit. Use of slogans “Need your dog neutered? Get him zeutered!” and “Let the boys be boys!” plus brief lists of Zeuterin’s features (quick, no surgery, permanent) may engage persons who resist surgical castration. 

In collaboration with local non-profit organizations, including fellow contest participant P.A.A.C., Wellness on Wheelz has held several zinc neutering events. These events have been advertised through door-to-door visits in targeted neighborhoods, flyers (such as that to the left; click on image for a larger version), and other advertisements. Dr. Amber Valinski, owner of Wellness on Wheelz, also reminds that word of mouth from satisfied customers is a powerful marketing strategy!


Wellness on Wheelz has zinc neutered over 1000 animals to date and states “our ability to add sterilization to a mobile Wellness clinic has had tremendous impact on our clients and on the animals in south Texas.” With Zeuterin, the practice have been able to:

  • "Sterilize animals in areas in which it would be impossible to perform surgical castration safely."

  • "Safely bring sterilization to the community instead of the community coming to them."

  • "Reach larger numbers of animals with greater success and very low risk of adverse reactions."

Zeuterin, Dr. Valinski notes, “means that not only are we helping to effectively control the pet population through sterilization, but we are doing it in a way that is safer for the individual animal as well.” She adds, “Zeutering has give us one more tool to help the animals of south Texas, and for that we are very grateful and honored to continue doing our part in the overpopulation fight.”

How Wellness on Wheelz applied the prize

As a winner of the “Prizes for Pioneers” contest, Wellness on Wheelz received a grant in the amount of $4,000 from the Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs to put towards spaying and neutering more dogs and cats, either surgically or non-surgically.

Dr. Valinski reports that the grant was used to sponsor a clinic in Alice, Texas, an area with a dearth of low-cost spay/neuter options and an abundance of animals in need. Working in collaboration with Neighbors Offering Animals Hope (N.O.A.H), the clinic allowed for 25 dogs to receive low to no cost Zeuters as well as vaccinations.