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Zeuterin™ Symposium Presentations

ACC&D 5th International Symposium

Zeuterin™/EsterilSol™: Intratesticular injectible sterilant for male dogs, panel of users from the U.S. and abroad

Complete panel presentation (video contains all panel presentations)
Presentation with Video
Introduction * Karen Green (Panel Moderator)
Session Overview      
Dr. Mary Blankevoort, Portland Animal Welfare Team
PowerPoint Slides       Abstract    
Dr. Kelly Farrell, First Coast No More Homeless Pets
PowerPoint Slides       Handouts 
Dr. Ismail Thoya, Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals
PowerPoint Slides       Abstract      
Dr. Amber Valinski, The Shot Spot

Additional presentations

Zeuterin™ in male dogs and cats * Dr. Byron Maas
PowerPoint Slides       Abstract       PowerPoint with Audio 
The effect of surgical and chemical sterilization on canine testosterone levels * Dr. Raphael Vanderstichel
Abstract (presentation slides and narration will be posted following submission of research for journal publication)
Behaviour assessment of male free-roaming dogs following surgical and non-surgical sterilization in Puerto Natales, Chile * Dr. Raphael Vandertstichel
Abstract (presentation slides and narration will be available following submission of research for journal publication) 
Effect of intratesticular injection of zinc gluconate neutralized by arginine on reproductive parameters * Dr. Min Wang
Poster       Abstract

ACC&D 4th International Symposium

Chemical Sterilization Panel: Understanding Opportunities and Challenges

Panel moderator * Karen Green
Complete panel video
Emma Clifford, Animal Balance
PowerPoint Slides
Dr. Julie Levy, Maddie's Shelter Medicine Program, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida
PowerPoint Slides
Dr. Enid Stiles, Veterinarians Without Borders/Veterinaires Sans Frontiers 
PowerPoint Slides

Additional Presentations

EsterilSol™: Overview, history, and current use * Dr. Carlos Esquivel
PowerPoint Slides
ACC&D's EsterilSol Small Grants Program * Karen Green
PowerPoint Slides
Working with Communities on Canine Population Management in Todos Santos, Guatemala* Enid Stiles
Poster       Abstract
EsterilSol™: Working with Mexican Municipalities to Control Overpopulation * Dr. Carlos Esquivel
Poster       Abstract

ACC&D 3rd International Symposium

Neutersol™ Panel: What worked? What didn't? What's next?

Session overview * Dr. Julie Levy
Session Overview
Case study: Outreach in the U.S. and Mexico, the face of success * Sean Hawkins
PowerPoint Slides and Handouts
Report on field use in 10,000 dogs in Mexico * Dr. Carlos Esquivel LaCroix
Abstract and PowerPoint Slides
Questions to answer for greater success and global reach * Dr. Don Polley
PowerPoint Slides

Additional Presentations

Use of Neutersol in the Galapagos * Julie Levy 


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