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Using Population Models and Field Studies to Develop More Effective and Efficient Sterilization Strategies: Relevant Literature

A review and analysis of articles was completed in 2013 as a foundation for our Flagship Initiative on population dynamics modeling and field studies to improve humane management of free-roaming cats. Below you will find a comprehensive annotated bibliography and synopses of these articles, as prepared by Dennis F. Lawler, with additions by Margaret Slater, on behalf of the ACC&D Population Dynamics Modeling Committee. The data derived from these studies are also compiled in a matrix that catalogues the source of data for each of several parameters defined in our computer simulation modeling.

The studies are largely organized by decade, with the most recent first. Since 2013 we have continued to review published research and have likewise included relevant synopses below. Within each grouping, they are organized chronologically, and by lead author’s surname if published within the same year. Nothing published thus far has moved us to update parameters for the computer model.This list is not exhaustive and likely not complete. If you have a study you recommend we add to this list, please contact us.

Our sincere thanks to the ASPCA®, whose generous funding made this Flagship Initiative possible. The Initiative, in turn, developed from ACC&D's Think Tank on this topic. 

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