I've been adopted!


Fig is a year-and-a-half and probably the sweetest cat you will ever meet! She loves attention from both people and other cats. She has the cutest little squeak for a meow and she never hesitates to let you know she needs love! Figment will ride on your shoulders all over the place and won’t hesitate to launch herself at you to get there. She is always purring and always wants to sit with you or on your lap and cuddle. She is very playful and will chase all kinds of toys. She also enjoys being outside and sleeping in the sun. She is very smart! She enjoys and excels at her training. Fig would be the perfect addition to any family!

If you're looking for more than one cat, we've got your girls! Fig enjoys the company of everyone, but she does particularly well with Ozzie, Gherkin, and Monkey. You can often find them grooming one another. Fig and Ozzie are sisters, and they love to run around with each other. Figment also gets along great with Hot Toddy, Jello Shot, Pearl, Hermione, Sassafras, and Grasshopper.