I've been adopted!


Grasshopper is 1.5 years old and the resident supermodel at Clowder. She is sleek and beautiful and even has a signature strut all her own. She is definitely a lap cat and is happiest cuddled up with you or being carried in your arms. She will rub herself all over you to let you know she’s happy and would like some more attention. She is also very playful and loves catnip toys!

While all the cats get along well, Grasshopper has soe favorites. She adores Moonshine, and she is often found napping close to Sassafras; the two like to groom one another. Grasshopper absolutely loves Conway Kitty. She is very active and he is very laid back. In order for them to be happy together, they would need a home that plays with her when he can’t be bothered to. Additional great candidates for a buddy for Grasshopper are Hot Toddy, Jello Shot, Pearl, Hermione, Figment, and Ozzie.