I've been adopted!

Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy is one year old. She is very easy going and affectionate. She loves to cuddle and will give you a sweet meow to let you know when she wants attention. She is incredibly smart and motivated and does really well in training. She knows how to sit! She loves to play and chase things. Toddy loves playing with and chewing on shoe laces and likes to try and steal wand toys. She also loves spending time outside!

Hot Toddy gets along particular well with Jello ShotHermione, and Gherkin.

Sidekick 2Feline-ality™ - Sidekick
Like all sidekicks, I'm just plain good company. I like attention, and I also like my solitude. I don't go looking for trouble but I'm no scaredy-cat, either. If you are looking for a steady companion to travel with you on the road of life, look no further.