I've been adopted!

Jello Shot

Jello Shot is 1.5 years old. She is the definition of a lap cat! She is super lovey and happiest when cuddled up to you. She will even give you a bath and especially loves to give you kisses on your nose! Despite her barrel chest and round belly she has a tiny meow. Jello is very playful and goes crazy for cat nip toys. Although she has a lot of kitty friends at Clowder, Jello Shot can sometimes play rough with other cats. She would do best with in a home with a relaxed and tolerant cat or as the only cat.

Jello Shot is great friends with HermioneHot Toddy, and Gherkin if you're looking to adopt two cats!

Party AnimalFeline-ality™ - Party Animal
I'm a cat on a mission: PARTY! I love to play and explore and test my limits. I'd love to play with you, but I can make a toy out of anything: pencils, post-it notes, potatoes. If you're looking for some laughs and someone to liven up the party, think about inviting me.

Jello Shot--collage