I've been adopted!


Ozzie is a year and a half and absolutely amazing! She will head straight to your lap when you sit down and she loves to snuggle. She has cute tufted ears, a head tilt that makes her look adorably inquisitive and small little spots on her belly. She really enjoys spending time outside and climbing trees. She loves to run and chase toys and she goes into predator mode when you bring out the wand toys. As soon as she catches something she likes to carry it away and will play tug if you don’t let her have it. She is super sweet and independent and would make an ideal pet for almost any home.

Ozzie gets along with all her cat buddies at Clowder, but there are three she especially adores: FigmentGherkin, and Monkey. These four cats enjoy grooming one another. Ozzie and Figment are sisters and love to run around with each other. She'd also do great with Hot Toddy, Jello Shot, Pearl, Hermione, Sassafras, and Grasshopper.