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ACC&D's International Symposia on Non-Surgical Methods of Fertility Control

Since 2002, ACC&D has held periodic International Symposia to share advances in the field and to connect those both interested and already involved. We love these events, hosting those charting this new terrain and enabling lasting relationships. You can view proceedings from our most recent symposium, in 2018, on this page.

2013 Symposium Attendee Profiles


Feedback on our 5th International Symposium

I was incredibly impressed by the openness of debate, the quality of speakers and the range of issues addressed. ACC&D should be commended for the many aspects of work it is doing to promote the best application and coming together of ideas for nonsurgical sterilants and, ultimately, better animal welfare.

-Kate Atema, Director, Companion Animals Program, International Fund for Animal Welfare

Inspirational. I met people from all over the world with a common goal; everyone was on the same page. Everyone was willing to share information and experiences, great combination of science with real life practical lessons.

-Dr. Sheilah Robertson, Assistant Director, Animal Welfare Division, AVMA

The meeting provided a comprehensive overview of research into ways of bring about non-surgical sterilization; it also provided an introduction to the many people working with their boots on the ground, often using their own funds, to tackle overpopulation using currently available tools. This was very inspiring to see.

-Dr. Bruce Hay, Professor and Researcher, California Institute of Technology

Proceedings from ACC&Ds Prior Symposia
Providing Symposium proceedings (including abstracts, PowerPoint slides, and, when possible, audio- and/or video-recorded presentations) at no cost is key to ACC&D's mission of advancing non-surgical options for humane cat and dog population control across the globe. Questions or comments? Please e-mail us at!



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